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Inexpensive Wedding Table Decorations

Keeping down the cost of a wedding can be a challenge for any couple. An easy way to save money is to create your own inexpensive centerpieces to decorate for the special occasion. Using items that are readily available or repurposed for the wedding is a terrific option for the budget-conscious bride.
Flowers in Drinking Glasses
If you have a garden available to you, your wedding table decorations can be practical and free. No need to purchase expensive vases or custom centerpieces from a florist. Simply pick your own. Gather garden flowers and cut the stems on a diagonal to keep them fresh. Use tall or short drinking glasses in groups of three from your own cupboard for vases. Fill the vases with water and place your flowers inside for a natural beauty wedding centerpiece.
Fruit Slices and Floating Candles
Using fruit slices in a wedding table decoration not only brings luscious color, but the simplicity also makes an exquisite statement on the table with the fresh aroma of citrus in the air. Create your own table dйcor by placing a clear glass bowl center stage, fill it with water, slices of lemon or lime and a few floating candles. The candles will also give the room with a warm glow for the romantic day.
Wine Tray
Create your own practical and delicious table decorations with items from the buffet table. Place a tray with a bottle of wine on the center of each table. Arrange a few edibles on each tray like wedges of cheese, green and red grapes and crackers for your guests to nibble on during the reception. If you have a computer and printer at home, you can also create a personalized wine label with a picture of the bride and groom to glue over the original wine label.
Helium Balloons, Wrapping Paper and Curling Ribbon
For a festive, light and cheery atmosphere, create helium balloon decorations. Using helium balloons for wedding dйcor is a simple and inexpensive way to perk up the reception hall. Create a weighted base with small sandwich bags filled with dirt or sand. Then wrap the baggies with pretty wrapping paper to coordinate with the colors of your bridal party. Use curling ribbon to attach helium-filled balloons to your base -- flying them high so guests can talk across the table. Add additional curling ribbon for a fancy flair.

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