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Friday the 13th Party Ideas

Snacks for a Friday the 13th party idea should reflect the spooky and creepy nature of the unlucky day. One appropriate food item for a party like this can be bugs that are edible, according to Yum Sugar. Some insects that are edible include mealworms and crickets. Blood pudding is another appropriate snack idea for a Friday the 13th party. Blood pudding is actually sausage that is created by using a filler and rss rss blood until it has the thickness to start congealing.
A Friday the 13th party is not complete without the proper, thematic decorations. Since Friday the 13th can also be about the Jason Vorhees series of movies, you can decorate your home with props that bring up scenes from the movies or identify with the main character himself. For example, you can position a Jason door topper right above your front door to greet guests. Similarly, you can mount a Camp Crystal Lake sign right onto your wall to make guests feel like they are in the movies.
It is appropriate that music from a Friday the 13th party comes from the soundtrack of the film itself. While there are a series of older movies from the 1980s and the 1990s, it is a prudent idea to use music from the soundtrack of the latest Friday the 13th movie remake from 2009. As guests are arriving and you are putting the finishing touches on your party, you can put on the Friday the 13th theme by Stephen Jablonksy, and send chills up the spine of your guests.
Games are another central idea to a successful Friday the 13th party. Since the Friday the 13th movies take place in and around the central location of camp, some party game ideas you can use at your party are normal camp favorites. These can be games like hot dog-eating contests. Another Friday the 13th game you can play is a non-alcoholic drinking game centered around things that happen in the original movie. For instance, you can take a drink every time a character begs Jason for mercy, which is nonetheless useless.

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