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Mum Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Mum Bouquet
 Mum Wedding Bouquet Ideas , Mum bouquet weddings, Football mums
Ball or button poms are long-lasting, small, rounded bouquet filler blossoms.
The bride may choose a wedding bouquet that is made entirely from mum flowers. The spider, starburst or Fuji mum is combined with daisy and ball poms for a nicely textured bouquet. Bouquets of flowers are aligned with stems that are cut to an equal length. The stems are then secured with floral tape and a ribbon or lace wrap. A more formally shaped bouquet of mixed mums are picked into a wet-foam bouquet holder.
Complementary Flowers
 Mum Wedding Bouquet Ideas , Mum bouquet weddings, Football mums
Spider mums have series of average length and long petals.
Lacy starburst or daisy mums work well in a bouquet of roses, orchids or lilies. White daisy pompons that are paired with yellow roses make a stunning round, crescent or cascading bridal bouquet. A bridal bouquet filled with daisy mums is an elegant piece for a petite bride. Daisy mums also complement miniature or full-size carnation bouquets. Mums blend well in bridesmaids' bouquets on fans, baskets, kissing balls or an arm sheaf.
 Mum Wedding Bouquet Ideas , Mum bouquet weddings, Football mums
Football chrysanthemums are large, impressive blooms.
The football or incurve mum is a large blossom that comes in white, yellow, bronze and lavender colors. The over-sized flower is used as a single blossom, hand-tied trio, or arm sheaf with mixed flowers. Football mums have been creatively designed in a muff shape for a winter bridal bouquet. The flowers tend to be heavy so less is more with this mass blossom. The large blooms are beautiful in altar baskets which will tie in with the mum wedding bouquets.
Year-Round Availability
A bride can plan on chrysanthemum pompon sprays to be available in many colors any time of the year. Autumn yellow, bronze and orange mums or spring lavender, yellow and white daisy poms make delightful nosegays for a bride and her attendants. Mums are easily sprayed or dyed in various shades for flower girl baskets, mother's corsages, and delicate bridal Bible or prayer book wedding flowers. Floral sprays and dyes are available for a florist to tint mums the color of the bridesmaids' dresses for matching wedding bouquets.

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