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How to Make Non-Edible Wedding Cakes

Make or purchase the Styrofoam tiers for the wedding cake. Styrofoam cakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and range in height from one to six, or more tiers. To make the tiers -- use a large serrated kitchen knife -- to cut large squares of Styrofoam.
Place the store-bought sugar-paste on a flat, parchment or wax paper-covered surface. Knead the sugar-paste to make it malleable. Roll out the sugar paste to a thickness of approximately 1/8th of an inch. Roll it out until it looks large enough to cover the cake. If you prefer to be precise, measure the area of the cake to determine the size sheet necessary to cover the cake.
Smooth out the rolled sugar-paste icing, and spread a little bit of cold water on one side. Lift up the sugar-paste and place it -- centered -- on the Styrofoam cake.
Use a smoothing tool to spread the sugar-paste onto the top of the cake. Work from the center of the cake outwards. Use the smoothing tool to press the sugar-paste against the sides of the cake. Cut off any excess with a sugar-paste cutter. Allow the sugar-paste 24 hours to firm-up.
Use the hot glue gun to attach the tiers together.

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