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Wedding Reception Table Ideas With Tulle

Tulle can offer an airy and romantic mood to a wedding reception.
Decorating with tulle can add elegance to a rss reception table. Made from nylon, rayon or silk, this starched fabric comes in bolts of various widths at textile shops. This netting, most often in white, also comes in assorted colors to accent the wedding decor. Secured with pins or ribbons, the flexible tulle takes on a shape with a soft, layered look. As a precaution, tulle should keep clear of lit candles and open flame.
Head Table
Drape the front of the head table with a wide swatch of tulle for a soft, layered look. Form waves or scalloped edges by folding the tulle back and forth to make pleats and then binding it with ribbons or fabric-covered wire every few feet to keep the folds in place. Pin the tulle to the tablecloth at the front of the table and tease the folds to make the wavy layers. A string of Christmas lights in one sparkling color under the tulle will highlight the shape.
Table Decor
Tulle ribbon can bind cutlery and serviettes to complement the place setting.
Add tulle to the table surface to create a layered effect with decorations. Or you can include tulle mixed in with the floral centerpieces as a simple substitute for greenery.
Wrap the outside of a flower vase with tulle as you would a ribbon. Another option is to loosely cover the base and sides of a vase or flower pot with tulle and then tie a ribbon near the top of the vase to create a flared look to showcase the blooms.
Cut tulle into circles or other geometric shapes to tie to serviettes or silverware. Add ribbons of tulle to little boxes of chocolates or sliced wedding cake to create a puffed-up shape.
Cake Table
Produce a soft effect to offset the sculptural look of the wedding cake by adding tulle to the cake table. Cover the tablecloth with a layer of tulle of a different color, as doing so can provide a scalloped edge around the perimeter of the table.
Drape tulle on a frame in the shape of an arch behind the wedding cake to create a canopy effect. The tulle then also acts as a simple backdrop for the traditional photograph of the couple cutting their wedding cake.

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