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How to Decorate Bubble Bottles With Bling for a Wedding

Miniature bubble bottles are a common accessory for modern wedding parties. Special bubble bottles are available for weddings featuring decorative tops or bottle shapes, but they are still basically a plain, plastic bottle. Add festive bling to wedding bubble bottles by adding decorative tulle and rhinestone accents. When you use rhinestones and tulle netting in the colors of the wedding party, you create a beautiful keepsake for guests that looks expensive and custom-made.
Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
Tulle fabric
Pinking shears
Craft rhinestones
Beading glue
Rhinestone banding
Hot glue
Purchase tulle netting in the same color as the wedding theme colors. Yardage will depend on how many bottles you need, but buy more than you think you may need to be sure you don't run out. Four yards should be enough to suffice for an average wedding and any extra tulle can be used for other wedding decorations.
Cut a square of netting to fit over the bottle. Get your first measurement for this by placing the bottle on the corner of the netting and then pulling the fabric up and around the bottle so that it can be tied around the neck. Make a mark on the fabric where it comes to the top of the bottle and cut a neat square.
Cut all the squares of tulle for the number of bottles you have. Use a pinking sheers if youd like to give the edges a decorative look.
Lay one square of tulle on a covered table work surface and place a decorative rhinestone in a tweezers or rhinestone setter tool.
Apply a drop of beading glue to the back of the rhinestone and apply to the tulle. Apply about 10 rhinestones in a grid pattern over the tulle in the same fashion.
Allow drying and continue decorating the tulle squares until they are all covered with the rhinestone pattern.
Cut lengths of color-coordinated narrow silk ribbon approximately 5-inches long. Cut one strip per bottle.
Put a bottle in the middle of a square of decorated tulle and gather the tulle up to the neck of the bottle. Secure the tulle by tying it to the bottle with the ribbon. Tie a simple double knot at the neck.
Cut rhinestone banding into 4 1/2-inch pieces, one per bottle. Use manicure scissors or a straight edge razor to cut the banding apart.
Wrap the rhinestone banding around the bubble bottle over the ribbon and crisscross in front of the bottle at the ribbon knot.
Secure at the cross point with a drop of hot glue. Apply the hot glue to the rhinestones by placing a drop of hot glue on a pencil top and transferring the glue to the rhinestones. This eliminates excess glue mistakes.
Tips & Warnings
Add a small faux flower at the point of ribbon and rhinestone attachment to cover up the knot and any mess from hot glue placement. Add a miniature card to the tied ribbon that includes the names and date of the wedding. Edge the cards in glitter by running the edge of the card stock in glue and then dipping it in a plate of glitter.
Dont try to do all the bottles on your own. Invite a group of friends over to help make quick and easy work of blinging your bubble bottles.

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