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Teens' Birthday Ideas

Pool Party
Create a pool party for your teen if she has a summer birthday. Purchase several inflatable beach balls and write the party invitations on them. The guest of honor can hand the "invitations" out to her guests. The guests must blow the beach ball up to read the details. Decorate the party with several inflatable floats and around the pool. Make an icebreaker game by writing questions, such as "What is your favorite sport" or "Who is your hero and why," on a beach ball using permanent marker. The teens can toss the ball around the pool and each time a teen catches the ball she has to answer one of the questions.
Hotel Party
Get two hotel rooms side by side, one for parents and one for the teens. Make sure the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, game room, hot tub and places to eat. Take lots of popcorn, candy, snacks and movies for the teens. If the hotel does not have a place to eat, order pizza for the teens or order room service. For teen girls, bring several spa products like facial masks, nail polish and makeup. For teen boys, bring a video game console and for them to play.
Glow-in-the-Dark Party
Create the party invitations on black construction paper and use glow-in-the-dark paint to write the details of the party. Place black butcher paper over all of the windows in the party area to create the darkest effect possible. Cover table, couches and chair with black blankets and pillows. Place glow-in-the-dark stickers and plastic items all over the party area. Hang black lights around the party so everything will glow. Tell the birthday teen to make sure he wears white or neon clothing so he will glow. Play a game of flashlight tag by having all the teens hide in the dark. Select one player to be "it" and give him a flashlight. The first player he finds is the "it" for the next game.
Black-and-White Affair
Send out party invitations and tell guests to wear black or white to the party. Have the birthday teen dress in a solid, bright-colored colored outfit so she will stand out next to all her friends dressed in black and white. Make it formal wear so the teens can get good use out of prom and dance attire. Decorate the entire party in black and white decorations. If teens wear dance attire, play music and have a dance contest.

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