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Black Light Skit Ideas

Skits are enjoyable to watch, especially when the participants spice them up with visual effects. Whether the skits are performed at a child's or as a project, it is not difficult or expensive to enhance the production with black lights. Conducting a skit in a darkened room -- where the only light comes from the props and the actor's costumes and makeup -- rivets an audience's attention to the stage.
This skit is performed at night in a darkened room. The audience seating area has arrows cut from white poster board taped to the floor leading to the exits, and the exit doors have a full sheet of poster board taped above the door handle, in case a guest must leave while lights are off. The stage set, such as crosses or tombstones in a graveyard, are painted with tonic water, which gives them an eerie blue-white glow. Sheets of white craft paper covering props such as tables or chairs make them visible to the audience so they stand alone on the darkened stage. Tooth whiteners glow blue under black lighting and well for the disheveled hair of zombies. Their skin is painted with tonic water so it has a blue-green color, and chlorophyll (available at health food stores) creates the effect of blood leaking from their mouths. The zombies wear white clothes with lots of red smears. Commercial products that glow in the dark add to the atmosphere.
Friendly Ghosts
Start off a child's party with a skit the birthday boy or girl and several friends perform. Write out a simple script and darken the room as soon as all of the guests are seated. Dress the performers in white sheets and cover their face and hands with white luminescent body paint. (Use only child-safe body paint.) Cover stage props with white paper, petroleum jelly or a mixture of 2 parts laundry soap to 1 part water to make them glow white. Depending on the age of the actors, they may want to stay in costume after the skit and for the rest of the party.
Adult Party Game
Before the event, enlist men and women to participate in an opening skit guaranteed to get the party off to a rambunctious start. Completely seal the room from any light. Outline a catwalk at the front with a long strip of white craft paper. Encourage participants to wear as skimpy an outfit as possible featuring only white underwear. Women wear white thongs, bikinis and push-up bras, and the men to wear white speedos, tight briefs or jock straps. Each volunteer walks across the catwalk and does a simple turn or dance to the cheers of guests. The participants dress and return to the party, and for the rest of the evening, everyone tries to figure out who was who walking across the stage.

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