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Ideas for 50s Themed Party Favors

 Ideas for 50s Themed Party Favors , 50s goodie gift bags, 1950s goodie bags
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Hold a bubble blowing contest with extra bubble gum party favors.
A 1950s themed party includes influences from the popular fashions of the day, the music and the food. Whether you are hosting a Grease-themed 50s party or a sock-hop, you can set up a pretend photo booth, or rent a real photo booth so guests can go home with a reminder of the good time.
Set a pair of retro-look sunglasses at each place setting. Use them as napkin holders at the party and then guests can wear them as part of their outfit. Give the fellas black plastic wayfarers and the gals can go home with cat eye shades with rhinestone accents. You can find retro-style glasses at party stores, craft stores or order through an online costume supplier.
Use inflatable guitars as a party decoration and prop for photos and then let the guests choose one to take home as a party favor. Play 50s themed sock hop music and let the guests pretend to play along with their plastic guitars. Large cardboard cut-out guitars can be used as a photo prop. Give the guests a photo of themselves with the fake guitar as a party favor.
Give goodie bags full of bubble gum, fire balls, candy cigarettes and candy necklaces. Buy retro candy in bulk and then split into penny candy bags for each guest. Alternately, you can set up a table with several different candies for guests to fill their own favor bags. Fill fishbowls with the retro candy and use small plastic scoops to fill the bags.

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