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Zulu Culture and Historical Background

Art and Culture
The Zulu tribe is in the southern province of Kwazulu-Natal. The Zulu language is Nguni. Today, collectors prize Zulu basketry as well as their beadwork and architects admire the Zulu for the intricacy and complexity of the structures they built.
Although today most of the Zulu Nation claim their religious affiliation as Christian, the beginning of the revolved around worshiping the spirits of their ancestors. They also believed that sickness and death was a direct result of offending those spirits.
Spears and shields were the weapons of choice by Zulu warriors.
The illegitimate son of a Zulu chief, Shaka became a warrior, quickly rose to the rank of war commander and was known for his brutality. He ordered the deaths of women and children when attacking opposing tribes. His ferocity gave him a reputation that allowed him to slip easily into position as chief of the most powerful kingdom in southern Africa.
The Zulu were responsible for spreading and inspiring a culture that continues even today. Zulu Chieftain and political leader, Gastha Buthelezi led in the fight against Apartheid in Republic of South Africa.

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