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How to Sign a Wedding Card

Use a phrase that matches the you have with the bride or groom when signing the card. For instance, "Sincerely" might be too impersonal if you're giving the card to a member or close friend, but "Love Always" isn't necessarily appropriate for a coworker.
Place a comma behind the word or phrase of your choice after writing it. An example of this would be "Best Wishes,".
Sign your name according to your relationship to the couple. If you are a doctor, it's impersonal to sign the card "Dr. Thompson'" if the card is for your niece or nephew. If the card is for a professional colleague, sign your first and last name. Sign the wedding card with your family title when appropriate, such as "Grandma" or "Uncle Ted."
Write the names of your children and spouse after your name, if the wedding card is from the entire family. The names of your children do not have any specific titles before them, and if you and your spouse share the same profession, it is proper to sign the card with this in mind. For instance, if the card is for a cousin, signing the card "Love, Cousin Judy, Cousin Robby, Madeline, Jason, and Casey" is appropriate. For a more formal wedding card, a signature like "Affectionately yours, the Drs. Johnson" is completely fitting.

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