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Navajo Traditional Dress

The primitive Navajo dressed in deerskin shirts, moccasins and native blankets. The clothes evolved into more sophisticated traditional dress. Navajo men later wore cotton or velvet shirts with no collars, breeches below the knee and moccasins. Women wore the traditional squaw dress, made of plain dark blankets.
The ceremonial Navajo traditional dress consists of velvet clothing with turquoise and silver colors, which are also worn during social gatherings and ancient ceremonies.
Traditional Dress
The Navajo woman's traditional dress consists of foot or knee-high moccasins, a pleated velvet or cotton skirt, a matching long-sleeve blouse, concho and a sash belt, jewelry and a shawl. Men also wear jewelry, moccasins and a velvet shirt. The Navajo also wear contemporary clothing but continue with their cultural practices. The Navajo believe they must wear traditional clothing when asking for help from the Great Spirit.

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