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50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner Decorations Ideas for Pastor & Wife

Incorporate Religion
rss clearly plays an important role in this couple's life. Incorporate their spirituality in the anniversary party. You could include meaningful readings from scripture on stationery items such as party invitations and menus. You could also create a banner featuring a relevant quote or passage from scripture. You should also consider providing a podium from which the pastor can bless the meal before the dinner begins. Religion may also be incorporated into the venue. Consider hosting the dinner in the hall or reception area of your pastor's church, if there is one. You could also hold a special mass before the dinner, reaffirming the couple's marital vows.
Remember the Wedding Day
Incorporate the theme and colors of the couple's wedding into your decorations and plans for the anniversary dinner. If the bridesmaids wore a particular color, use that color in the table linens, balloons, cake and other decorative aspects of the anniversary party. Other ways to remember the couple's wedding day include featuring keepsakes from the event at the anniversary party. Many couples engrave and keep the cake serving set and toasting flutes from their wedding, so it may be possible to use these again at the party. Consider also decorating the party space with photographs from the couple's wedding day.
Emphasize the 50 Years
Incorporate the number "50" into your decorations. Make or buy decorations such as balloons that feature the number "50" and a banner that says "Happy 50th Anniversary." If you are ordering or baking a cake for the couple, consider a large "50" to decorate the top of the cake or write "Happy 50th Anniversary" in icing script. For a more subtle incorporation of "50" into the decorations, consider creating a collage of 50 photos of the couple to display at the dinner party.
The traditional gift to be exchanged between husband and wife for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. Consider incorporating gold into the color scheme of your party decorations. You could use gold balloons, streamers and table linens. Add to your decorations with gold candles and gold icing on the cake.
Additional Considerations
Since the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary are now senior citizens, you should consider making the party easy and enjoyable for them. A surprise party may not be desirable since it may be stressful for the couple when they arrive to find themselves the center of attention.

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