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How to Ask for Money As Wedding Shower Gifts

Requesting Cash for Shower Gifts
Talk to the shower host about your cash preference. Since you or your future husband is probably close to the shower host, let them know you prefer cash instead of gifts. When guests ask for gift giving suggestions, they will probably turn to the host for advice, so make sure they know what you want.
Register for money. If you have a specific goal for the money, you may be able to set up a registry specifying you want cash. For example, if you want the money for a honeymoon, some travel agents will help you set up accounts to raise the money for the trip you want. Banks will often do the same thing to help you raise the money for a down payment on a home. If you just need the money to furnish your home, you can always register for gift cards at your favorite stores instead of choosing traditional gifts.
Add a telephone number for guests to RSVP to the shower invitation. When a guest calls to say they are attending the shower, they are likely to inquire about where the bride and groom are registered. The person taking the calls, usually the host or one of the other bridesmaids, can share your preference for money at that time. As long as you are not doing the asking, you have not violated any etiquette rules.

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