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Willy Wonka Prom Themes

Focus your prom theme on Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, incorporating an innocent joy without building a childish room. Invite prom-goers to attend by giving them chocolate bars wrapped in golden prom tickets. Transform the prom room into a sophisticated chocolate factory complete with bright red pipes hanging from the ceiling. Build a chocolate river by laying a sparkling chocolate-colored carpet from the entrance of the building where the prom is being held to the prom room, culminating in a large chocolate river dancing floor. Add color to the room with a wall decorated to look like a giant waterfall. Place white and milk chocolate fountains on tables for attendees to dip fresh fruit.
Wonka candy can be found in most grocery and department stores as well as in pharmacies across the United States. Instead of creating a Candyland-type of prom room, use the bright colors associated with the candy to decorate the room. Fill a wall with bright colored circles to mimic candy buttons, arrange colorful tables in a rainbow-like arc and hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. Balance the colors in the room with white. Centerpieces can be made out of jellybean-filled glass containers holding votive candles.
Willy Wonka experimented with a fizzy lifting drink in a room filled with bubbles. Pass out bottles of bubbles wrapped with each attendee's prom ticket. Use bubble machines to fill the room. Fill iridescent balloons with helium, and decorate the room with silver to honor of the silver fan that tried to suck up Charlie and his grandfather. Decorate tables with clear soda bottles containing flowers.
Oompa Sorting Station
Willy Wonka wouldn't have a factory without his oompa workers. The oompas are little orange people with green poofy hair. The oompas have a room where they sort good and bad eggs. Recreate the oompa room by making giant weigh stations labeled "Good/Bad." Prom-goers can take their pictures next to the scales or life-sized oompa cutouts. Fill bowls with chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil. Balance the oompa fantasy by using minimal colors and interspersing the scales and cutouts throughout the room.

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