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Fall Dance Theme Ideas

Costume Dance
Plan your fall dance so that it happens sometime around Halloween and choose a costume theme. Ask all of the guests to dress up in costumes for the dance. You can let them dress up as whatever they choose, or select a costume theme, such as monsters or celebrities. Decorate with orange and black and serve cupcakes topped with candy spiders and punch dyed a gruesome green.
Barn Dance
Take advantage of the nice weather present throughout much of the fall to throw a barn dance. Use an actual barn for this, or transform an outdoor space or a room into a barn. Choose hay bales for seating and decorate with red gingham fabric. Have a professional dance teacher come in and teach everyone how to square dance or country line dance.
Harvest Dance
Plan a fall harvest dance for the autumn. Decorate with all sorts of fruits and vegetables that are harvested during the fall, such as apples, pumpkins and butternut squash. You can plan this dance inside a building, but it would also work well in the middle of a pumpkin patch, as long as you could clear an area for the dance floor. Serve food items made with seasonal fall ingredients.
Football Dance
Football season happens during the fall, so choose that as your dance theme. Have your guests dress up as either football players or cheerleaders, or they could simply wear a T-shirt bearing the name of their favorite team. Decorate with football helmets, footballs and team pennants. Serve traditional football game rss, such as hot dogs and nachos.

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