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How to Make a Wedding Wagon

Paint the wagon if necessary. Wagons are often red, which can clash with a bride's wedding color scheme. If your wedding color scheme includes red, then you can leave the wagon as is. Paint the wagon white for a classic look or a vivid color if you have chosen a bright color scheme and want a fun look. Use stencils to paint designs on the sides of the wagon.
Drape material over the wagon to cover the sides. This material can be tulle, lace or cotton. Hot glue it to the sides of the wagon to secure it. Or you could make a snug wagon cover by cutting a piece of elastic that is 3 inches shorter than the length around the wagon and sew it to the edge of the material.
Add a train of material to the wagon. The train can be sewn to the material that you draped on the wagon. If you opted to not drape material over the wagon, then drill holes in the back of the wagon and tie the material to these holes.
Hot glue artificial flowers that you used in your wedding to the wagon. Depending on your preference, you could cover the front, sides or back of the wagon in flowers. Flowers with a large bloom such as lilies, daisies or roses with baby's breath create a stunning wagon.
Use ribbon to decorate the wagon instead of flowers. Hot glue a strip of ribbon that complements your color scheme to one end of the wagon and allow it to droop down slightly to create curvy swags. Glue the strip of ribbon in place and continue to create swags all around the wagon or just the sides using this technique. Another popular option is to hot glue garland around the wagon.
Hot glue tulle, cotton or lace to the handle to cover it.
Fill the wedding wagon with items that match your wedding theme and display it at the reception after the ceremony. Depending on your wedding theme, you could fill the wagon with decorative rocks, pine sprigs, large flower arrangements or greenery. A candle arrangement and photos of the happy couple are other good choices. Sprinkle the inside of the wagon with iridescent confetti for an extra sparkle.

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