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What Is a Truffle Fork?

Truffle Forks
Truffle forks are thinly pronged forks that truffles are placed onto for dipping. Truffle forks are normally two-pronged forks, but they can also come in different patterns like circles, hearts or stars. The pattern from the fork will remain on the top of the truffle after it is dipped because it is left to harden upside down. This can be used for decorative purposes or to identify different flavors.
Using A Truffle Fork
Roll balls of truffle filling into the desired size, and then chill them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Remove the balls from the fridge and place one on a truffle fork, then dip it in melted chocolate. After dipping, place the truffle onto parchment paper, upside down. Repeat until all of the truffles are coated, then allow them to harden fully. The truffles can be dipped a second or third time if desired.
Other Truffles
Not all truffles require a hard chocolate shell, and these varieties can easily be made without using a truffle fork. For example, ganache can be rolled into balls by hand and then rolled in different toppings, including cocoa powder, chopped and roasted nuts, coconut or sugar.
Truffle Fungus
A type of fungus called a truffle also exists. People hunt for truffles using pigs or dogs, which can sniff out truffles that are buried underground. Truffles are quite expensive. Because they are worth so much money, truffle hunters do not want to damage them when digging them up, so they use a special implement called a truffle fork to gently clear the surrounding soil from the truffle.

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