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Duties of Wedding Hosts/Hostesses

Before The Event
The host and hostess' duties begin as soon as the wedding couple select them. The host and hostess should be there to offer assistance where needed to both bride and groom in the build up to the wedding. This includes attendance at wedding-related events such as bridal showers.
Greet Guests
One of the principal duties of the host and hostess is to greet the guests as they arrive at the wedding reception. This may be a case of simply saying hello to each guest, but some guests will know few people at the reception, so the host and hostess will be required to introduce themselves and make people feel welcome. The host and hostess will need to greet guests who appear confused or otherwise isolated, and must recognize recent arrivals to the reception who will also need greeting.
When dealing with guests, the host and hostess must inform new arrivals of where certain things are. This duty can include pointing guests towards the wedding gift table to deposit presents or to the guest book, should they wish to sign it. The host and hostess should also direct guests to the wedding couple for the latter to greet them, so the host and hostess need to keep an eye on the wedding party to update arrivals.
Check Reception Area
The host and hostess should quickly relocate to the reception venue following the ceremony. Here, they'll need to help organize the preparations to ensure everything is ready for the arrival of the wedding party. They'll need to check that items such as the cake and guest book are all in the right location, and that the band or DJ knows when to begin playing.
Dress Appropriately
A major duty of a wedding host and hostess is simply to look presentable on the day, since the pair represent the wedding couple. This means rss well and looking the part at all times throughout the wedding. The wedding couple may have picked out certain colors or styles for the host and hostess ahead of time, while at some rss, the host and hostess can simply wear their best suit or dress.

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