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Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Table Decorations

Vibrant Flowers
Choose flowers that reflect your wedding colors to create a coordinated look. If your wedding colors are red and white, decorate the reception tables with crystal vases filled with red and white roses. If you prefer a more rustic, country-inspired look, fill tin watering cans with red and white daisies or wildflowers. You can also create guest favors that work double duty as table decor. Set one bud vase filled with a single sweetheart rose next to each guest's place setting.
Romantic Candles
Decorating with candles is a charming way to infuse a reception table with a warm glow, especially if the festivities are taking place in the evening. Candles will also give the outdoor reception space a romantic vibe. As a simple and chic option, fill tall clear glass hurricane vases with white pillar candles and line them up down the center of the tables. Surround the candles with a handful of real or faux rose petals for a romantic look. If the reception is taking place on the beach, fill the holders with sand and small seashells instead of the petals. You can also use wine glasses to hold tea lights or votive candles as a creative option.
Re-purposed Items
Get creative by turning everyday or vintage pieces into reception table decor. If the reception takes place during the summer or in a tropical location, design fresh-looking table centerpieces by filling glass pedestal bowls with vibrant oranges, lemons and oranges. Fill vintage white wire birdcages with vases of flowers, candles or poetry books and use them as garden-inspired table decor.
Edible Centerpieces
Edible centerpieces make cost-efficient decor as they can double as snacks or desserts for the guests. Create a fruit bouquet by sliding pieces of fresh fruit onto skewers and displaying in the middle of a table. As a sweet treat, fill glass apothecary jars with colorful candies, such as gumdrops, candy rings, and wedding color-inspired jelly beans, that won't melt in the outdoor sun. If you're on the beach, use colorful plastic sand buckets in place of the jars. Give each guest a cellophane bag and a plastic scoop or sand shovel so she can treat herself to the candy.

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