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How to Hang Free Standing Curtains for a Wedding

PVC Pipe
The frame for these curtains can be made out of PVC pipe. PVC pipe is a strong, plastic pipe that is usually used for irrigation projects. However because PVC is light, it is ideal for building frames like the one you will need to build to hang your curtains. PVC pipe is easily put together, as there are several different types of connectors that can be used to orient it in any type of configuration you would like.
You will need to determine how big the curtains need to be. A good place to start is deciding what the curtains will be used for. Curtains to block the view of something and guide traffic will need to be a different size than ones used to frame something or draw attention. The size of the curtain will determine the length and width of the PVC pipes for your frame.
The curtain is the most important part of this entire contraption, and it should say something about the wedding itself. Be sure to choose fabric and colors that complement the overall feel of the wedding. If you are not someone with skill at sewing, you may want to get a curtain with a pocket at the top for the PVC to slide through. Otherwise, you can choose the fabric you want and sew the top to allow the top part of your frame to slide though.
Slide a piece of PVC pipe through the top sleeve of the curtain. There should be an inch of PVC pipe poking out from either side of the curtain. Using this piece and two other pieces of PVC pipe, create a "U" shape by inserting the PVC into "L" shape brackets. This is the frame of the curtain. Place the bottom of the side pieces into "T" PVC brackets, Place short pieces of PVC pipe into the open ends of the "T" brackets to make legs for the frame. Place sand bags or other weights on the legs to keep the frame standing.

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