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Decorating Ideas for a Pavilion for a Wedding

A variety of lighting effects are available for setting the mood when decorating the wedding pavilion. A large floral chandelier with LED candles is hung from the rafters in the center of the large room. A chandelier can be hung over the wedding cake or bridal table. Battery-operated fairy lights or Christmas lights strung across each rafter gives the starry night ambiance for a romantic evening ceremony or reception. Sodium lights along the pathway will illuminate the walkways for safe rss between the parking area and pavilion.
Draped swags of tulle or inexpensive fabric are attached from post to post, softening the wood look.
Panels of cloth can be draped down the front and back of each support post and tied at the center area with silk cording or ribbon. Small lightweight bouquets of flowers may be pinned to the secured cloth. Floral garlands, ivy, grapevine or evergreen garlands wrapped in spirals add wedding elegance to the support posts of the pavilion or gazebo.
Flowers will give a garden feel to the pavilion. Flowering plants set into baskets or terra cotta pots that are painted white are simple to set up in the pavilion. Large green or flowering hanging plants outline the beams that frame the exterior of the building. Floral arrangements that match the wedding ceremony flowers or in-season flowering plants that complement the flower beds surrounding the pavilion add to the romance of the building.
Themed Embellishments
Balloons, ribbon bows and realistic looking floral accessories will add to specific themes the bridal couple has chosen for their wedding day. Themed items are easily incorporated into a pavilion or gazebo setting. For instance, grapevine swags are enhanced with clusters of faux grapes at a Tuscan-themed wedding. Artificial doves or seashells can be displayed on floral swags or wreaths for Victorian romance or seaside rss.

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