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Ideas for a Redneck Wedding

Arrange snack cakes or doughnuts into a tier shape. Select a redneck-themed cake topper to place on the top of the cake. Alternatively, brides and grooms might elect to have a camouflaged cake for their wedding. Toy rss and trucks can be used as wedding cake toppers.
Recreation and Vows
Select country songs to be played or incorporate a banjo quartet into your wedding reception. Other activities, such as a beer tasting event, dance competition or mud wrestling can be ideal forms of recreation during the reception. Brides and grooms can tailor their vows to suit their tastes. A bride may vow not to drink the last beer in the fridge while a groom may vow to keep his bride in new camouflage for the rest of their lives.
Decorate the reception tables with beer bottle caps. Garlands of beer caps attached to ribbon or string could decorate all of the reception tables. The card box at the reception can be shaped like a beer can with a slot open at the top for guests to insert cards. Arrange low-cost appetizers on tables for guests to snack on, such as chips, snack cakes and cookies.
Centerpieces and Reception Gifts
Place cleaned beer bottles in the center of all reception tables. Decorate with ribbon or gemstones. Place a single flower, such as a daisy, into each of the bottles. Include a small token of thanks at each place setting of the tables, such as chocolate or mints inside of camouflage candy containers. You could even leave a bottle or can of beer for adult guests, and leave a bottle of root beer for younger guests.
Ceremony Ideas
Give guests flashlights to provide illumination during the wedding ceremony. On wedding invitations, encourage guests to wear camouflage to the wedding. If a flower girl and a ring bearer will be included in the wedding, decorate a wagon to resemble a truck and pull the children down the aisle to do their duties. Brides and grooms can rss wedding bands for each other out of beer can tabs or other malleable metal.

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