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Wedding Shoe Games

Shoe Dash
The shoe dash is a quick game played at wedding receptions. Anyone wanting to play the game takes their shoes off and places them in a pile in the center of the dance floor. The hostess in charge of the game whispers a number to each guest. When the guest's number is called, that person runs to the shoe pile and finds her own shoes. The quick and fun part about this game is that everyone is given the same number, so all guests involved in this game make a dash for their shoes at the same time.
Cinderella Game
The Cinderella game works best for single people at a wedding reception, but anyone can join in and play. Each lady playing takes off one of her shoes and places them in a pile in the center of the room. The gentlemen playing the game all choose one shoe and must find the lady wearing the other one.
Hiding Shoes
This game is popular at Hindu weddings. This rss requires the groom to remove his shoes before entering the mandap; which is the place where the holy rituals occur. Someone, generally the bride or her friends, takes his shoes when he is not looking. A ransom is then demanded by the bride and her friends in order to return his shoes. Many Hindu grooms are starting to bring an extra pair of shoes to the wedding because of this prank.
Wedding Shoe Game
This common game is often played at wedding receptions; it is a great way to involve all of the guests. This game is played by lining up to chairs back to back on the dance floor. The bride and groom each sit on one chair, and they remove their shoes. The bride hands one shoe to the groom and he hands one of his to her, causing both to have one of each person's shoes. The game begins by someone announcing that this is a game to show how much this couple knows about each other. When a question is asked, they are each to hold up one of the shoes. Questions are asked and they are instructed to hold up the shoe that is the appropriate answer. Therefore if one of them believes the answer is the bride, the bride's shoe is raised. The questions begin to be asked by anyone at the party. Any question regarding the couple is suitable as long as only one answer can be chosen. Questions are asked such as "Who flirts the most?" or "Who has control of the TV remote more?" This game is fun to watch the differences in answers given by both parties.

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