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Diaper & Bootie Cake Instructions

Roll 90 diapers into tight rolls. Wrap each diaper with a rubber band.
Stand the diapers on end and form an oval shape. Hold the oval together by wrapping a thick ribbon around the middle of all the diapers. Make sure the ribbon overlaps by at least two inches on a shorter curve of the oval. Dab glue on the last two inches and hold in place until the glue dries.
Arrange the remaining diapers, on end, in a circle. Wrap the circle with ribbon. Glue the ribbon where it overlaps to hold the diapers in place.
Position the circle above the end of the oval where the glue overlaps. This forms the bootie shape.
Wrap a second piece of ribbon over the top of the ribbon on the circle. Tie with a decorative bow. Tuck booties, rattles and other baby items snugly between the two layers of ribbon. Add a second ribbon layer and additional baby items to the lower layer if desired.
Push a few wooden skewers through the top layer into the bottom layer. This will hold the bootie shape during transport, but is not required if the cake will not be moved or wrapped.

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