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How to Tea Dye a White Wedding Veil

Boil water in the large pot. The pot should be large enough to submerge the veil completely without folding or bunching.
Make sure your pot is large enough for your veil. Excessive bunching and folding could cause the color to stain unevenly.
Add tea bags to the boiling water and let them steep until the tea has reached the color you want for your dyeing project. Remove the tea bags and let the water cool.
The number of tea bags you will need depends on how much water you use and how dark you want to color the veil.
Rinse the veil in clear water. This prevents the tea from adhering to the veil unevenly and leaving spots and blotches.
Rinsing the veil before and after tea dying prevents uneven color and spots.
Dip the wet veil in the tea, making sure all parts are submerged. Leave the veil in the tea to soak until you achieve the desired color.
Remove the veil once it has soaked and rinse in clear water.
Hang the veil to air dry. Hang the veil so it is not bunched or folded and allow it to air dry completely.

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