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How to Face Paint a Lady Bug

Compile your images of ladybugs and spread them across a well-lit surface. Compare the different ladybug's patterns and colors. Select one to three images to serve as your primary inspiration. If you're face-painting for a special birthday party girl or boy, or a particular person, solicit their preferences.
Draw a smooth oval on the paper, slightly taller than it is wide. Use the pencil, crayon or marker to do so. Add two curving lines below the oval that arch outward, so that you have a basic image of a head with a neck and shoulders beneath.
Copy the image of the head on several sheets of paper. Copy the image as many times as you think necessary to provide you with ample practice of your ladybug face-painting design or designs.
Copy one image of a ladybug onto one of your pictures of faces, using the colored pencils. Line up the image so that the oval-shaped body of the ladybug fits perfectly within the oval-shape of the face. Orient the ladybug with its face painting upward, at the top of the oval.
Select your clearest, most attractive image of a face with ladybug face-paint, or allow your face-painting subject to choose a favorite image.
Draw a smooth oval on your subject's face. Let it extend along the cheekbones, upward around the temples, and just short of the hairline around the forehead. Make the oval as large as possible, given the face shape, while preserving its oval shape.
Paint your chosen ladybug design within the oval, using the non-toxic face paint. Start with the lightest colors, laying down any white highlights or details.
Fill in any medium-tone colors, such as red. Use the red paint to block off areas to be filled in with black, such as the lady bug's spots or head.
Use non-toxic black face paint to fill in the lady bug's spots and head.

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