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How to Fold Money for a Money Tree

How to Fanfold a Dollar Bill
Decide on the denomination and amount of bills that will be given to the recipient. Go to the bank and ask for new bills, they fold easier and hold a fold better than worn bills. There are many ways to fold a dollar bill and attach each one to a money tree with paperclips, rubber bands or string. The easiest way to fold a new dollar bill is to fan-fold the bill just like a fan.
Place a dollar bill on a flat surface. Starting at the edge, make a 1/2-inch fold running the full length of the bill. Turn the bill over and make another 1/2-inch fold along the length of the bill. Repeat this folding process until the dollar bill is approximately 1/2-inch wide and 6-inches long. Run your thumb along the surface and press to flatten the folds.
Place a small rubber band around the middle of the bill to hold the shape of the "fan" folds. Place each bill into an 8.5-by-11 inch envelope to take to the party. Remove the bills from the envelope, one-by-one and place the bills on the money tree with the rubber band.

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