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Exotic Places to Elope

Elopement is very romantic and can save a lot of money and fuss.
You and your partner can find exotic places to elope if you explore all your options. These places are special, far from the interruptions of rss and the stresses of modern life. Hidden retreats are an ideal place to go with the love of your life, where you will be surrounded by the peace and rss of nature, the present moment and each other.
Florida's Beaches
Many airlines fly to Florida on an hourly basis, and it is often easy to get last-minute tickets. For your elopement, consider one of the many beaches of Florida, including Cocoa Beach, Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg Beach and Panama City Beach. Companies such as Destination rss of Orlando offer special packages to elope on the beach that include an intimate ceremony with an official ceremony officiant. The couple stands in the center of a ceremonial heart made of flowers, and the event is recorded by a professional photographer. These packages include everything you need for a quick exotic elopement.
Big Sur, California
Big Sur is an area on the California coast between the Carmel River and San Carpoforo Creek. Its coastline cuts the Pacific Ocean, creating a view of the mountains and the sea. With a population of only 1,000 residents, the Big Sur area is a relatively untouched natural habitat. Elope to Big Sur if you appreciate mild temperatures, redwood forests and large mountain ranges. Inns, ranches and chapels are places to elope in Big Sur; however, if you wish to elope on an oceanside cliff, consider contacting one of the ministers or officiants who perform outdoor ceremonies. Tell them exactly how and where you would like your ceremony to be performed as a number of the officiants work for themselves and may negotiate prices and details with you on the phone.
Molokai, Hawaii
Molokai, the 5th largest Hawaiian island, has two volcanoes and was the home of Saint Damien de Veuster. Tourists visit Molokai for its flora, beaches, non-commercial atmosphere and its native culture. In addition, Molokai contains the only barrier reef in the United States. If you are a couple with a little money to spend, choose Molokai for an intimate ceremony under a waterfall in the rain forest or even a wedding performed underwater. You can get your marriage license and marry on the same day, and a number of local officiants may accommodate your special requests.

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