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How to Make a Cactus Out of Cardboard

Lay the cardboard, which should be large enough for the desired size of your cactus, on the ground or a table, and sketch the general shape of the cactus onto the cardboard using a pencil.
Protect your work area by placing a self-healing mat, or extra cardboard pieces under the piece you want to cut out. Following your sketch, trim and cut the cardboard until you are satisfied with the shape of your cactus piece.
Paint the cardboard an appropriate shade of green and accent with other colors. Depending upon the type of cactus, you might want paint vertical lines to simulate the grooves on the cactus, or use a black marker to make small marks to simulate cactus needles.
Attach or prop the cactus against the wall, or create a type of stand for it to rest against while standing in the middle of the room.

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  • How to make a cactus out of cardboard
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