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Ambulance Centerpiece Ideas

toys in all shapes and sizes, from cartoonish shapes to miniature models. To make the base of the centerpiece, form a "road" by laying a narrow piece of gray fabric down the length of the table. Place the ambulances in a line down the table runner. Put tall toys in front of tiny toys, and mix up the styles to create an eclectic feeling. For a centerpiece that children can snack on during the party, use a long tray with low sides for the road and fill it with gray or black candies. You might also add tiny toy people along the side of the parade, stop lights, or a thin yellow line down the center of the candy road for extra detail.
Antique Toys
If you are planning a party for adults, find antique ambulance toys for elegant centerpieces; for a lower budget, look for modern toys shaped like vintage, rounded ambulances. If you can find them, buy metal ambulance toys for a more sophisticated look. For toys with open tops, fill the opening with red and white flowers; avoid formal flowers like roses and opt instead for daisies, carnations or tulips. If you are using ambulances without openings, set each toy on a simple wooden or metal platter lined with red or white material.

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