Secret of The Best Invitation

| woopwedding | 1 March | 21:01
Once the wedding has been set, it's time to consider who you will invite to her wedding. The rule is that a wedding invitation should always be in writing, but in recent years - as there are many new media market - there have been examples of couples have invited their guests for example. via a CD, which they have spoken or sung an invitation.

One can easily purchase pre-printed invitations, or get a professional firm to touch them, but there are also many who choose to create a personal invitation. In practical terms, it should be stated on the invitation, the date, which time and where the wedding is to be held. Possibly also, the dress, the guests are expected to wear...
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Stories Of Love: Bonnie And Clyde, Or Fatal Love

| example | 26 December | 18:39

Love sometimes pushes people to the most incredible things, and that's why everything is so hungry for love - to feel life deeply, do not you? The most scandalous and romantic love story in the world - a love story of Bonnie and Clyde - not the end of the wedding, but this has not become less romantic.

Getting a pair of fatal

Love story of Bonnie and Clyde

Love story of Bonnie and Clyde began when she was 19, and she worked as a waitress. He was 20, he was a thief and a robber. She has managed to visit married, and he - in prison. Their eyes met, that there have been twelve murders, eleven robberies, multiple kidnapping and there was one big tragic love.

First aid in the escape

After the global economic crisis struck, Clyde was caught stealing, and Bonnie Parker helped him escape. Since then, they have become inseparable buddies in criminal and personal life.

Bonnie Parker - Femme Fatale

Bonnie Parker - Femme Fatale

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Wedding Fashion 2012: Michal Negrin'S Favorite Queen Has Opened A Boutique In Kiev

| example | 26 December | 18:39
World-renowned designer Michal Negrin is famous for the fact that not focusing on global trends in wedding fashion. Her unusual wedding and evening dresses, as well as accessories like a fairy tale with pictures, not having anything to do with our realities. March 30, she opened a fashion boutique in Kiev - rejoice, the bride! Michal Negrin


Wedding Fashion Michal Negrin from 12.02

Michal Negrin at the opening of new boutique


Exquisite wedding and evening fashion by Michal Negrin

Wedding dress by designer Michal Negrin

Bridal Michal Negrin from the fabulous

Wedding and evening dresses and accessories by Michal Negrin Now you can buy a new and so far only in Ukraine boutique. It is located on the third line on the Globus hypermarket Maydanі Nezalezhnosti.

Present at the opening of the boutique and the very famous fashion trendsetter Michal Negrin unusual. "Any time during the opening of its new boutique, I feel that I carry out another dream that draws you into my world. I hope he will beautify your life and the joy and optimism." Among the fans 

Michal Negrin fashion trends - Queen

Unusual dress Michal Negrin

Evening dress by designer Michal Negrin

Original costumes from this Israeli designer with pleased to have the actors and politicians. Michal Negrin fans - British Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sofia of Spain, the film stars such as Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore. They appreciate not only the clothes on Michal, but also her exclusive jewelry with stones, Swarovski, unique dolls She-Shy, and items of household decoration.

Luxury accessories from Michal Negrin

Accessories by Michal Negrin

This is an unusual designer often makes booking our Ukrainian Star Irina Bilyk. "In my wardrobe has accumulated quite a few things from that of the original brand," - says the singer.

Good luck to the new fashion boutiques and its visitors!

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Fashion Trends 2012: Invented Dress, Exposing Itself To Owner

| example | 26 December | 18:39
Dutch designer Daan Rozegarde planned this unusual fashion dress so that it becomes transparent as soon as she feels sexual excitement. Portal tell brides, how cunning acts dress and why it becomes transparent.

<!--more-->Unusual dress reacts to stimulation

Why dress exposes itself to the owner?

This is an unusual dress more reminiscent of an alien costume. Dutch designer created it out of fabric, coupled with very sensitive film. This is the film reacts to the increased heart rate, and the owner of the dress is made instantly clear.

And then the girl has the form it is no secret.

transparent dress That is such a transparent dress

What other unusual creative designer dresses promises?

Already negotiations on new models of dresses, which will become clear not only from the sexual excitement of its owner, but also during the normal anxiety before an exam. It is unlikely that such a student put a bad mark.

Submit a dress , bride is not herself with excitement before the wedding. Presented? And the reaction of guests?

Fashion trends for inoplanetyanok?

alient or other women?

As you an unusual dress, the bride?

As you can see in the picture, an unusual dress more like a futuristic alien costume than fashion model for a romantic wedding night. And yet the author's masterpiece Daan Rozegarde believes that this dress - a vivid example of it is invented techno-poetic fashion. That's how he understands and feels the fashion trends of 2012!

He said he created the dress especially for that in our technocratic world to draw attention to female sexuality. Dress According to the designer intended to create a special intimate moments in the life of men and women.

Global Award for an exclusive dress

Many countries appreciated the unusual invention. Daan Rozegarde received prestigious awards for their dress from the Netherlands, China and Britain. This outfit has been in many museums around the world, and even preparing to sell.

As you are fashion trends, the bride? Would you like to buy a dress that shows your emotions from your head? After the model has a second side of the coin. Sly outfit will not be transparent if the girl shows the passionate love the bridegroom, and she is as cold as piece of ice.

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How To Choose A Wedding Florist?

| example | 26 December | 18:39

Choose a really good wedding florist  very hard. This should really be the best and most experienced wedding floral professional. How to find a specialist who will create for you a compelling wedding bouquet? Reply to this question will help you an article from the portal

How to choose a wedding florist?

Experienced wedding florist you must listen and learn how you represent your bridal bouquet. He will not break when you're all going to describe the details of the flowers or ribbons that you want to decorate a wedding this attribute. If you brought pictures of bouquets that you like, he will study them carefully.

What to ask a wedding florist A really good florist will ask you about the style of the wedding, on what date you chose for him. He asks about colors and styles of your dress and costume

Blessed. It is possible that an experienced professional will ask you a photo or sample of material of which are sewn wedding gowns. In addition, he must know what you chose your hairstyle and jewelry, as well as color, prevailing in your bridal makeup. Thanks to all of this information, the florist will be able to create a bridal bouquet, which successfully complement your wedding look. That offer florist Once you wilt Thou express their preferences, a good florist will certainly offer you a few style options

10 ideas for a wedding bouquet wedding bouquet to you to pick the one you like best. Woman

You can invite him to change the shape or size of wedding accessories. An experienced florist or agree with you or professionally explain why this option you will not do. But he will never impose on you my opinion, because the real queen of the holiday - it's you. Explain the florist problem . A good wedding florist to speak to you and understand all the other buyers of language. You do not need to know the names of all kinds of colors. Therefore, if the florist suddenly began to pour hitromudrymi terms, then he probably just wants to seem more professional than it is.

The really good specialist will not overload your information. He will answer all your questions and talk about everything that interests you.

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Top 4 Major Mistakes The First Wedding Night

| example | 26 December | 18:39
First, wedding night to popular belief, shows just how happy will all the future life of couples. And if the script wedding the whole day was gorgeous and rich, then why not organize a night for myself at least a nice continuation of the wedding? But many young couples make mistakes, which are then difficult to fix. What, tell portal



wedding night wedding night - error

Mistakes first wedding night

<!--more-->Mistake number one. Instead of making love on their wedding night the couple say the money

Pollsters surveyed 1000 couples Kiev on how they spent their wedding night. And it turned out not priglyadnaya picture. About 40% of newlyweds in this blessed old  wedding ceremonies time just count the money and keep records of gifts from relatives and friends.

Approximately 23% of young couples on their wedding night and find out who and how to properly behaved at the wedding.

17% of newlyweds on their wedding night just lose your soul mate for a long time searching for it among the wedding guests.

And only 20% only because of its destiny of men and women making love, as prescribed by  wedding customs and the dictates of showers.

Mistake number two. Couples are choosing the wrong place for love

Wedding - a laborious process that provide all the details for the most important action - the first wedding night - just do not have neither the time nor the energy. But in vain! In fact, according to the old wedding signs  , and superstition in the house where the couple are sleeping, there should be no superfluous man. Only in the morning matchmaker had the right to go and wake up the young ones. Nobody else - neither the parents nor the guests had no such right.

first wedding night in one apartment with parents

first wedding night in one apartment with parents

Often the wedding night is held in the same apartment with his parents. Newlyweds can not fully enjoy each other, knowing that in the rooms there is someone else.

Do not save money on finding a place where will be your wedding night! Let it be a continuation of a luxurious wedding, and not just a place to sleep, or explanation of the relationship Counters wedding gifts. For such a romantic and important events like the wedding night, it is desirable to remove an expensive hotel room or a separate apartment, if you do not already own. There you will be able to fully dedicate themselves to each other and remember that time as the best on your wedding.

Mistake number 3. Gifts, and so it was quite >> << relatives and friends at the wedding, of course, tried to make gifts you have been a little more. But this does not mean that the wedding night should go without gifts. Many of the hotels in Kiev, to make life easier for young couples who are ready to provide the full range of services on the organization of the wedding night.

This may be a bed with a beautiful lace or silk underwear, strewn with rose petals. This could be a nice souvenir in the form of kissing doves or swans luxury. This, of course, fruit and champagne straight to bed. This is a delicious breakfast in your room, sauna and swimming pool for relaxation, massage service package. Who will refuse from such experiences on their wedding night? Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. First


Error number 4. The first wedding night goes spontaneously -->

You tried to arrange for guests


wedding reception so carefully thought through the scenario  , Wedding agreed on  , weddings filming,  , but take care of itself forgotten. Many couples have in the last minute remember that it is good to spend their wedding night somewhere in a quiet village. And finally sleep in his parents' home, where they could disturb anyone who has not slept. Plan your wedding night in advance. Look at the list of hotels, discuss the conditions for the wedding night. What is the range wedding services and at what price you are willing to provide? And love one another as much as you want!  

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How to Hide the Stomach in a Wedding Gown

| woopwedding | 5 August | 14:18
When the most important day is coming, are you excited? When you wear your dreaming wedding dress while seeing your belly, are you disappointed? Don't be worried, here you will have many ideas to hide your annoying stomach or belly in the wedding dress.
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Formal Wear Hire: Make a Stylish Presence

| woopwedding | 3 August | 13:00
One can search the internet for information about the companies that offer formal wear for rent. The companies even put up images of the outfits they carry. One can compare the prices and the services of various companies before selecting the suitable one. TAGS:  ,  ,  
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Wedding Video Sydney – Make your memories to last forever

| woopwedding | 3 August | 3:16
You have made the decision to get married and the preparations for the most important day in your life have just begun. There are so many things you need to do before the wedding day; you want everything to finish on time and everything to be perfect. One of the things from your priority wedding list is finding Wedding Videographer Sydney.
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Wedding Videos Sydney – the wedding experts for video and photography!

| woopwedding | 3 August | 3:12
Whenever you are planning a wedding, you always but always rely on the help of a wedding videos Sydney based company - a different kind of professionals to help you meet your wishes and ambitions for that day. You need to ensure that you have more than a well-organize
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